Reports from Waco say Baylor University President Kenneth Starr is out.

Starr is the former Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation, which expanded to include other accusations against President Bill Clinton. In the wake of Starr's findings, Bill Clinton was brought up on impeachment charges by Congress for allegedly perjuring himself in his testimony in a deposition conducted by Starr.

Sports Blogger Chip Brown at and Horns Digest was the first to report Starr's ouster Tuesday morning:

"The three dozen members of the Baylor regents board are ousting Starr - not football coach Art Briles - for failed leadership during the ongoing scandal over how the school handled reports of rape and assault made against five BU football players - two of whom (Tevin Elliott and Sam Ukwuachu) were convicted of raping Baylor co-eds, sources close to the situation told"

Starr assumed the Baylor leadership post in early 2010.

The move comes on the same day renewed national interest in Starr has emerged in light of election year politics. GOP candidate Donald Trump released a pair of ads highlighting Bill Clinton scandals. Surprisingly, when reached for comment by The New York Times, Starr had nothing but praise for the former president and husband of the current Democratic Party frontrunner. Starr also bemoaned the toxic rhetoric in the current election cycle.