Gun laws are too strict. Case in point. If these motorcycle riders had a rifle, one of them wouldn't have had to lay his bike down.

Growing up, it was nothing to see a pick-up with a gun rack on the back window. And of course, it was full of guns.

Heck, during hunting season, kids would go out before school and shoot some things. It was no big deal to see something strapped to the hood in the school parking lot.

But, now times have changed. People are not allowed to carry weapons of self-protection any longer. Because of this, this motorcyclist was forced to lay down his bike on the highway because a 6 point buck jumped over him. If he was able to have a rifle strapped to the bike, he could've shot it dead before it became a danger to him and his fellow riders. It happened near D.C., so there was probably a bleeding heart behind a tree screaming,

"Don't hurt it! It deserves to live more than you! Leave Brittany alone!"

How cool would it have been if the one of the riders went "no handed", pulled a rifle, and shot it dead on the highway? Would've been a great video that millions of people would've watched.

Wish everyplace was Texas.

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