KWTX reported that a driver was brought into custody after plowing into a Waco business, and attempting to flee the scene.

Waco authorities began receiving reports late Sunday night about a vehicle crashing into Texas Medical Inc. at 2001 Franklin Avenue.

The reports said, around 10:50 p.m. that a Hyundai four door was heading to the west on Franklin Avenue when it was hit by another vehicle. After hitting the Hyundai, the driver ran into the Texas Medical Inc. building.

The driver of the car that hit the building, was arrested around a hour later by Waco authorities after leaving the scene of the crime.

There were no injuries reported, and there was an employee in the Texas Medical Inc.building when the crash happened. The employee said he was working in the back and heard a loud thud. He was unsure of what happened at the present time, but was quite aware once he stepped foot outside.

Westbound lanes towards Franklin Avenue were blocked while crews were on the scene, but are now opened back to the public.

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