KWTX's Paul J. Gately reported that a U.S. District Judge in Waco sentenced a man to federal prison for robbing a Central Texas bank ojn Monday.

The man was sentenced for a guilty plea on robbing a bank in Lorena back on March 13th.

The district judge who was over the sentencing was, Alan Albright. The man who was being sentenced was, Chad Allen Snowden. Albright sentenced Snowden to serve 37 months in prison, and three years of supervision upon his release. Also, Snowden will have to pay $500 fine, and a special assessment charge of $100 to the court. A restitution of $23,100 as well.

Before sentencing Snowden, Albright accepted statements from Snowden and his counsel Rod Goble, a Waco attorney, heard the objections of the results of the pre-sentence report, and also touched on Snowden's acceptance for what he did.

The government charged Snowden on the events on March 13th; when Snowden approached a bank teller at GENCO Federal Credit Union branch in Lorena. Snowden handed a letter to the teller, and that note read "This is a robbery."

The teller said, "The robber’s face was not covered and he wore a Texas A&M baseball cap." Snowden got away with an undiclosed amount of cash, and someone identified Snowden from the surveillance photos that were shown from the bank.


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