A teenager currently incarcerated in the McLennan County Jail is currently facing a extremely heinous charge in addition to a terroristic threat charge.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Daniel Dakota Weber, 17, has been charged with bestiality following his September arrest. At that time, he was accused of threatening a "Columbine style" attack at Lorena High School.

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The Threat

Investigators believe Weber created a fake Instagram account and made posts about a school shooting planned for Lorena High School. According to an affidavit, the owner of the account stated that they had a list of people they wanted to kill, including the principal, students, and any police officers who got in their way.

The account further posted that C4 bombs would be planted around the school.

The Investigation

With the aid of Instagram, police were able to discover the phone number associated with the account. The number belonged to Weber's father, and is the same number linked to the teen's personal Instagram account as well.

Authorities arrested Weber for making a terroristic threat, but the teen's phone revealed some truly troubling videos.

The Videos

With access to Weber's phone, investigators were able to search through its full contents. According to a report from the Waco Tribune-Herald, authorities discovered several videos depicting Weber engaging in bestiality with a medium-size, mixed-breed dog.

The acts are reported to have occurred at his parent's residence at the New Road Inn, 4000 South Interstate 35.

Mounting Charges

Initially Weber was being held on one charge of terroristic threat with a bond of $10,000. The McLennan county inmate listing now shows that Weber is incarcerated for an additional charge of bestiality, and $5,000 has been added to his bond.

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