As heavy rains have hit Central Texas in recent weeks, we've seen reports of drownings and close calls on our area lakes.

A couple of kayakers lost their ride below Belton Dam when their vessels got away from them. Then, earlier this week, the body of a jailer was found after he went for a kayak ride and never came home.

Those who spotted firefighters on the Leon River this week should not be alarmed. Firefighters from Waco, Temple, Killeen, an Fort Hood all look some time to train on the swollen Leon River according to Chelsea Edwards with News 10.

Killeen Fire Battalion Chief Phillip Bannister told News 10 that the rivers are at capacity and so are the lakes. In fact, water is being sent into the river from Lake Belton, which actually makes training conditions even better for training to save lives in extreme conditions.

Bannister said in recent years that fire departments in the area have begun to train together so that secondary safeties, upstream spotters, and downstream spotters are all in place. This often requires more than one department, so it's a good practice for area teams to go out and train together.

The Temple Fire Department is looking forward to its first water rescue team boat scheduled to arrive in June.

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