KWTX's Taina Maya reported that a middle school student was struck by a car while walking to school early Friday morning. The student was rushed to a local hospital after they were struck.

The student was a seventh grade student at Midway ISD, and was headed to an early morning football practice as reported by Midway ISD. The boy was hit before 7:00 a.m. on Friday, when he crossed Hewitt Drive at the intersection of Regal Drive.

Spokeswoman of Midway ISD, Traci Martin said, "It happened before the school zone became active, and no crossing guards were on duty." Officials said, "The boy started to cross the street just before the light changed and as it did, the driver accelerated."

The operator of the vehicle didn't see the boy when he was driving, and quickly got out to help him after striking him. Midway ISD says this incident could open up talks to keep students and pedestrians safer around the busy roads.

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