KWTX's Clint Webb reported that a fire on Thursday afternoon caused a restaurant in Hewitt to shut down business for the day.

The fire ignited behind some electrical boxes in a wall Thursday afternoon, and caused for power to be knocked out at a Dairy Queen located in Hewitt. The fire caused for the location to shut down for the day on Thursday.

Numerous customers and three employees escaped the fire in the restaurant without being harmed. The fire broke out at the Dairy Queen located at 200 Legacy Dr. in Hewitt; right off Interstate 35 near the Hewitt Walmart Supercenter.

Employees were alerted by a refrigerator that was smoking in the restaurant, and Hewitt firefighters came in quickly to extinguish the flames.

An Oncor crew was present at the scene of the fire after things had settled. The business will not be able to open its doors back until a regional manager consults with oncor about the best plan of action.




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