KWTX's Marco Revuelta reported that Central Bell County Fire and Rescue held an open house for the public on Saturday in Nolanville.

Fire crews were showing tips to the public on how to guarantee the most safety if a fire ever breaks out in their residence. For example, fire crews explained that keeping your bedroom door closed can keep fire and smoke out of the room during a fire. Ultimately, could potentially safe a life.

Firefighter crews also let children try on firefighter gear, and learn about how they fight fires as a team. Jerry Carlson, captain of Central Bell County Fire and Rescue hopes these examples show children what to do if they have to actually encounter a fire.

Captain Carlson also added, They can see us in our uniforms. They can see us in our gears and they get a chance to hear us how we sound when we're talking to them, so they don't get scared when we come into the house if we need to find them.


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