Who is ready for a summer job?

I can remember growing up back in the midwest and getting a workers permit at age 13. Gosh, that seems like a long time ago! Ha!

Actually there are a ton of benefits to learning the habits of a good work ethic early in life. It will help you in all kinds of ways down the road. Personally, I'd say that kids with summer jobs end up ahead of those kids who spend the summer on the couch playing video games.

Check out what the city of Killeen has to offer! KCENTV reports there are over 100 jobs the city needs to fill for the summer and applications are being accepted now. Jobs are open now for lifeguards, mowing service workers, drain cleaners, golf cart attendants, recycling, and even cashiers.

You can browse the city's openings here. Many applications are due on Tuesday, March 21, but some have later due dates while others are labeled "continuous".

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