Earlier this evening CNN dropped a bombshell about Trump University and the state of Texas' own investigation into the company.

The story is published Online under the headline, "Was Trump University run out of Texas or let go?"

"Documents obtained by CNN and former state investigator, who went undercover at Trump University courses, told CNN that the state was prepared to force Trump University to pay $5.4 million for allegedly defrauding Texans who attended university workshops and seminars in 2009 and 2010.

"But [Current Governor Greg] Abbott, then an ambitious attorney general with his eyes set on the governor's office, killed the investigation because of a friendly relationship with Trump, former Texas investigator John Owens told CNN. He called Abbott's decision not to sue Trump 'absolutely political.'"

This revelation comes on the heels of the latest Trump controversy, where the candidate has been lashing out at a judge of Hispanic ethnicity to recuse himself from the case involving Trump University.

I wonder if this will have any impact on the Donald's plans to fund raise here in Texas next week.

Sunday, CNN aired an interview between Trump and Jake Tapper which dealt with the ongoing investigation into the for-profit "University" and the judge.