...and that's a good thing.

Patrick Johnson has owned up to nearly a hundred incidents where he threw rocks at motorists in passing cars over a two-year period. He's also - get this - currently serving a 99-year sentence for a conviction of sexual assault of a child.

He told the court he's pleading guilty not because he totally believes he is, but so he can receive quality prison-based medical treatment for the AIDS with which he is afflicted and has been for 35 years.  Which of course didn't stop him from extra-curricular activities, hence the trouble he's in on top of the rock throwing.

I've spent my whole life trying to be compassionate, forgiving, and receptive to the trials and tribulations of other human beings. Yet this guy stretches even the most generous meaning of those terms. Anything involving putting minors in danger should be treated swiftly and effectively by authorities.

By the way, I wonder if YouTube is going to keep his account up. He has posted endless footage of himself appearing before the City Council complaining about whatever, I really could care less what his beef was.  I love how condescendingly the anchor in this report describes him as a "community activist." Oh boy.

Austin likes to celebrate its eccentrics and keep things weird. Sorry, but the "charm" of people like this is actually dangerous.

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