Things got real at the Copperas Cove city council meeting on August 13th as the video above shows PI. 7 Councilman Charlie Youngs threw the bird up while PI. 5 Councilman Kirby Lack had the floor. Some folks walked out of the meeting saying he should step down as a result of his behavior.

Lack is a pastor with Trinity Worship Center in Cove and he told our partners at News 10 that Youngs has anger issues. Lack says he wasn't aware that Youngs was issuing a one-finger salute until the video started to make the rounds online.

Back on August 6th, Youngs said that Lack was one of what he called "four horsemen of the apocalypse" responsible for taking steps to destroy the city of Copperas Cove. And you thought city council meetings were boring? Look what we have been missing!

Lack told News 10, "We've done a lot of good public policies. If I’m being called a horseman for doing all those good things for Copperas Cove, I'll accept it." So in the video above, what we are watching is Lack responding to Young's comments from the August 6th meeting and that is when you can see Youngs throws up the finger.

Midnight Productions​, YouTube
Midnight Productions​, YouTube

Youngs also spoke with News 10 and tried to explain he was flying the bird to someone in the audience who had made threats against him late last year but he doesn't say who. Why would you even say that? Does it make it even worse that the bird was meant for a citizen who was in attendance that day instead of the councilman?

Lack says he is giving young until the next meeting to resign or he will go to the Texas Ethics Commission about Youngs antics. News 10 reports Youngs already has a complaint on record regarding his failure to report campaign finance for the 2017 election. Young's term will end in the fall of 2020.

You'll need your bird watching glasses again on September 3rd when the next council meeting is scheduled.

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