Dang, people on the internet sure are cynical.  I just finished watching the video below, and I’m tearing up a little over here.

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The video starts out with the husband panning the camera around, calmly filming as high winds rip through everything around him. 

The camera quickly turns, and the voice behind the camera says “Baby c’mon!” 

Then the frantic, screaming wife emerges with two leashed dogs in tow.  All four run through the howling winds to take shelter in a ditch flowing with muddy water.

I just kept picturing myself in that same position with my two pups and felt so thankful that these four all are safe and sound. I was feeling really happy and glad that I watched this video with a happy ending.  "Isn't mankind awesome," I thought.

Then I read the replies.

Geez people, really?

@SInceDayOne, what about this video makes you think they were just sitting there?  He was waiting for his wife to put on her shoes.  Are you married? Have you met a woman? Do you have any idea how long that takes? You're lucky she didn't grab her purse.

@Missys_seester up there thinks they're going to drown in that little ditch or get hypothermia.  The tornado will be gone in 5 seconds, guy.  What was their other option, Professor Prepared?  Sheesh.

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