After this report from Austin, you may want to keep an eye out on your dogs in the backyard.

According to KTBC-TV, Mike and Kate London were in their backyard with their three-year-old miniature poodle, Henry, Wednesday evening. The Londons left the dog in the yard to take of something inside. When they returned, they noticed Henry was missing and began calling to him. When he didn't come, they searched for him and made a grisly discovery.

Mike found Henry's remains being gnawed on by a coyote in the couple's yard. Mike told KTBC the coyote walked away nonchalantly upon discovery.

The Londons tries to revive Henry, but to no avail.

The couple say they took precautions to keep wildlife out of their yard, but those measures failed. They plan to build a taller fence, but are warning others to keep an eye on their pets to avoid a similar tragedy.

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