Last year, David MacNeil received the worst news any pet owner could ever receive. MacNeil’s 7-year-old golden retriever, Scout, was given a month to live. The sweet pup had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. MacNeil refused to give up on his dog, and it saved his dog's life.

David MacNeil is the founder and CEO of WeatherTech. Scout the golden was featured last year in a Super Bowl ad for WeatherTech. WeatherTech makes automotive accessories and home and pet care products. Scout is the companies official “spokescanine.” It's no secret that MacNeil is attached to his best bud, so when he had the chance to thank the vets who saved his dog's life he took to the big screen.

MacNeil purchased the $6 million dollar ad to shine a light on Scout’s long journey with his cancer treatment. MacNeil also did this to raise money for the University of Wisconsin’s veterinary program. The ad was called “Lucky Dog,” and it aired during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. If you want to donate, just click here.

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