It's a sad and sobering statistic:  The United States Department of Education says the University of Texas at Austin has more reported cases of rape than any other higher education institution in the state of Texas according to a report aired Friday by Austin TV station KEYE.

This is the latest in a series of headlines about the University and sexual violence.  One report in March alleged campus security authorities were hiding data about rape and related cases.  This came after a release of a blueprint to combat such cases on campus issued by the university's Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  The blueprint,  which the UT police made public for like minded agencies to utilize in their own way, can be downloaded from this link ( account required.)

It's ironic that the college in Texas located within the open-minded, free-spirited oasis of Austin is the site of the most reported cases. It's even more so when you consider there's a center on campus for research and resources into fighting these incidents.  Does the center exist there because of the need to fight these offenses, or in spite of them? Truthfully, the question is irrelevant: the only thing that matters Is stopping these crimes.

The face of the victims of these crimes is changing. In the same CBS Austin report, one of the victims profiled is a man. Don't think it can't happen to you, fellas. Here's a video that report: