After a hard rain you usually see more snakes. Luckily we just posted a reminder on dealing with snake bites a few days ago because here they come!

The rains this past Thursday and Friday soaked us all pretty good in Central Texas. Wouldn't ya know it?  A 5 foot snake is found in the Coryell County Courthouse in Gatesville. It probably didn't like the rain either.

A Coryell County Deputy found the snake making itself at home behind Judge Trent Farrell's bench inside the 52nd district courthouse. Two deputies discovered it inside the 100 year old building around 3:45pm Friday afternoon. What they found was said to just be a five foot corn snake. It was removed and released in nearby Fauntleroy park.

These things have no shame! If they can get inside after a hard rain, they will. Watch this black snake from a couple years ago just creepin' along a house like a burglar! Keep a sharp eye if your hiking or camping this weekend. If you typically spot a lot of snakes in the area near your home, just be sure to close the windows and doors all the way when you leave this weekend. Be safe, y'all.







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