Do you remember the 2003 movie School of Rock starring Jack Black? Remember the guy who replaced Black's character, Dewey, in the fictional band No Vacancy?

It turns out that guy has been the district attorney in Tyler County, Texas since 2018.

How am I just hearing about this?

Thanks to Twitter user @VeryBadLlama, I now know that Lucas Babin, who played a guitarist named Spider in the comedy classic, is an accomplished attorney. Who knew? (Probably everyone but me!)

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Now, I try not to just blindly believe what I read on the internet (especially Twitter), and thought to myself, "Naww, that can't be right. Maybe he just looks like Spider."

So, I did some Googling and it turned out to be true.

According to his Wikipedia page, DA Babin is the son of Republican Congressman Brian Babin. He graduated from Sam Houston State University and the University of Houston Law School.

Babin worked at a couple of highly respected law firms before replacing former Tyler DA Lou Ann Cloy after she was removed from office for not showing up to work and letting backlogged cases stack up.

I'm sorry, but I find it hilarious that Spider has a better work ethic than someone. That's just great.

DA Babin was also a fashion model for brands like Gucci and Versace, and appeared in almost 100 episodes of a Brazilian telenovela called América.

The Tyler County DA made headlines last year when he announced that a grand jury had indicted Netflix for promotion of lewd visual material depicting a child after the release of Cuties, a French film that producers argued was meant to criticize the hypersexualisation of young girls. The movie caused major controversy, with many agreeing with Babin's feelings that it went too far in its depiction of young girls in risqué situations.

In case you're not familiar with School of Rock, Babin's character is brought in to replace Jack Black's character, Dewey, when the band he's in gets tired of his crazy stage antics and overzealous guitar solos. Desperate for work, Dewey poses as his roommate, a substitute teacher, and takes a gig at a private school. There, he teaches his class music and recruits them as his new band with the mission of taking down his old group in a battle of the bands.

Yes, the plot is absolutely ludicrous, and the movie even pokes fun at its own premise on a couple of occasions, but it's a fun time and features some great music along with plenty of acting and musical talent from both the adults and the kids.

Babin's character is basically just eye candy, and I find it surreal that he's a DA here in Texas. That's great, though. It shows how much you can accomplish when you put yourself out there and live life to the fullest. (It doesn't hurt if you happen to be good looking too.)

I think @VeryBadLlama summed it up best:

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