A Wichita Falls psychiatrist treating a Rider High School student sent a letter to the school, calling on the administration to address the chronic bullying the student has been enduring.

The anonymous student's psychiatrist, whom the student sees for counseling, sent the pictured letter to Rider after the student dealt with bullying for the past five months, which, according to KFDX, the student says has included encouragement to commit suicide,

I think you're really childish and you have no heart if you can tell someone to kill themselves.

Last Monday, this kid, who I thought he was my friend, handed me a rusty razor blade with white duct tape over it and said go use this Chucky, basically telling me to go kill myself. People call me Chucky because they say I look like the killer doll because my hair is red and I have the same nose as the doll. People have called me that for years and now it's just annoying.

While the WFISD has a no-tolerance policy for bullying, the student claims that some of the students involved in the bullying haven't been punished.  Some received on campus suspension and one was sent to a juvenile detention center for a day, but the student stated that when she approached the staff after the other student handed her the razor blade and encouraged her to kill herself, the staff's response was to simply inform them if it happened again.  According to Ashley Thomas with WFISD,

If a student does feel like they are being bullied, they are expected to go and report that to a teach or an administrator..

Most of the time that can be handled at a campus level, but we do have procedures in place so that if a parent is not pleased or if they want to go further, they can contact our student assignment office take their issue higher.

The bullied student's mother posted the above picture to Facebook, and the picture and story quickly went viral. Bullying has been a controversial issue for quite some time. A few years ago, a documentary called 'Bully' brought a great deal of attention to the subject, depicting school administrators turning a blind eye to obvious bullying.

You can view WFISD's policy on bullying HERE.

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