Every so often, I compare the Internet to the Wild Wild West. Think about it: there's a new frontier to explore, you can't trust everyone, and no one really knows what the rules are. So when I come across bogus promotions or #fakenews, I like to share the knowledge. Recently a Whataburger coupon went viral, promoting the Whataburger "Dollar Burger Day" and I'm sorry to break the news, but this is fake fake fake.

Yesterday Whataburger debunked the online promotion on their Facebook page, stating that Dollar Burger Day - scheduled for Saturday, May 6 in 2017 - is not real:

... this promotion is a hoax, and is not associated with Whataburger in any way.

Suffice it to say, a lot of Texans were disappointed with the news, but not as disappointed as they would have been if they found out when ordering at the counter or drive-thru.

The post has been shared nearly 10,00 times in 20 hours along with over 2,200 thousand comments.

I also checked the fact-checking website, snopes.com where they debunked the same promotion for March 29 of 2016. The online flyer is the EXACT same.

Sorry guys. Looks like we'll have to pay full price for our Whataburgers on Saturday.

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