The owners of a Cedar Park Mexican Restaurant and its manger are being sued by a lady who claims she suffered "life-altering burns from flaming queso.

As reported by CBS Austin, the lawsuit states that Erika Saenz ordered the Quesos Flameados appetizer, which is served flaming at the table.

The lawsuit claims that a waitress brought out the hot cheese and attempted to set it on fire. Once lit, the queso went directly on the plaintiff's face, chest, neck, and arms, causing the burns.

Erika Saenz's lawsuit claims the waitress was improperly trained, and she says that Dos Salsas manager William Plata's "negligent actions" led to the burns.

She is asking for damages over $1 million.

This "appetizer" is new to me. When I hear "flaming queso", I see a bowl of melted cheese with tons of hot peppers. To take that to the next level and set it on fire baffles me. Why would you even put yourself in a situation where you ask a stranger to set a fire on your table? It's like asking a convicted murderer to play wack-a-mole with you and then being surprised when you get hit.

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