I know. We all wish the kids could go to school year-round. But now you have to entertain them for 3 months. How about a new pet?

When a new salesperson starts here at the radio station, I usually give them something to read. I'm always looking for female voices that don't cost anything. Anyway, one year we were doing something with a pet store, so I had a bunch of talking dogs and cats to promote the place. One salesgirl, who had only here for a few weeks at the time, was very shy and didn't think she could talk into a microphone. I had her bark like a hyper dog.

Later at the Christmas party, and after a few drinks, my habit of making the sales staff do weird commercials came up. This sales girl announced, in full voice mind you, that, "Q made me bark like a dog!"

The level of contempt, with a hint of a Texas drawl, just made me laugh. In fact, If I need a good laugh during a hard day, I bring that memory up.


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