If you've been following my posts, you're probably already very aware that tornadoes are one of the most terrifying forces of nature to me. Everyone says to me, "Earthquakes in California are scarier," but I think whatever you're unfamiliar with is what's scariest to you.

So let's just call this "exposure therapy".

Facebook user Abraham Gonzalez uploaded an amazing video, documenting the formation of the tornado that touched down in Big Springs, TX on Sunday.

You can hear the the 10-year-old daughter urging her parents, "Daddy! Daddy, let's go," but the family was forced to take cover underneath an overpass with other vehicles in order to avoid high winds, hail and potential debris.

The family was on their way home from their daughter's softball game when the storm hit.

Gonzalez told KXAN:

While passing Stanton, Texas a friend called us and advised is to be very careful because high winds and hail was horrible in Big Spring and heading our way. While trying to continue we witnessed several tractor trailers parked on the side of the road and some tipped over! We headed onto an access road and got under a bridge to avoid the storm heading our way. At this time is when we looked ahead of us and the tornado started forming.

Very smart move by the family. Always be careful and watchful of the weather around you.

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