The perfect storm struck a week before Christmas in Texas.



KWTX is reporting that the number of reported flu and flu like illnesses increased by 50% the week before the big day, setting up a horrible situation that we'll all pay for in 2018.

The thing I hated the most growing up was coming back from Grandma's after Christmas. I was either puking or pooping, or most times, doing both, because of all the viruses floating around the cousins. It's one of the main reasons I enjoy being alone on the holiday's now. No fear of catching anything. As long, of course, as I stay away from people.

But, thanks to co-workers' family gatherings, I might be snared again. With the rash of the flu outbreak a week before Christmas, everyone was one big Petri dish this holiday season. We have one person out today, but he did come in the morning. Another co-worker is in Chicago surrounded by children, so God only knows what will be traveling with him next week.

Compound that with the news today that the season's flu shot was only 10% effective. Looks like I need to read "the Stand" by Stephen King again just to get prepared for a really great 2018.

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