As you sit in your office or at home right now, I'm quite sure you can hear the "sneezes", "coughs" and "throat clearing" of your co-workers or family members around you and you're getting a little worried that you could be next especially with the up and downs of our "Texas winters".

If you're not fully trusting of getting a "flu shot" or just don't want to over medicate yourself to the point of being a zombie, the good folks over at "Eat This, Not That" have found some foods you can eat that can help you fight off those cold or flu symptoms and all of these foods are backed by science. We'll give you a short list of 5 foods you can start chowing down on right now so you can stay sick free.

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    Chicken Soup

    Just like the popular book series, chicken soup is really  good for the soul and to fight off cold symptoms thanks to an immune boosting compound called "Carnosine".

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    Studies have found that having kids eat 2 teaspoons of honey 30 minutes before bedtime reduced frequency and severity of their nighttime coughing and an overall better night’s sleep.

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    You've heard the term "probiotics" everywhere lately I'm sure. Well, yogurt is the most widely available "probiotic" food and researchers say probiotic microorganisms may help by softening the body’s inflammatory response which you experience as nasty cold symptoms.

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    Look, if you're sick, nobody is going to be looking to kiss you so don't worry about your breath stinking, just load up on the garlic and get mouthwash after. Garlic’s cold-fighting power comes from the compound allicin, which blocks enzymes that play a role in bacterial and viral infections.

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    Now this one I found to be shocking. Oysters contain lots of zinc which is also an active ingredient in lots of cold medicines. So if you start feeling a little sick, shuck a few to shuck that cold...Okay I'll show myself out now.

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