What an unbelievable catch. As a wide receiver, Phillip Blanks has had many footballs thrown at him for some unbelievable catches throughout his career, but none of them prepared him for the most important catch of his life. An amazing video of Phillip Blanks running and diving to catch a toddler being dropped from a balcony of a burning apartment in Phoenix. And yes, he made the catch.

According to ABC’s “World News Tonight" on July 3rd Blanks was visiting a friend and heard a commotion outside of the apartment building and he went outside to look so quickly that he didn’t even take the time to get his shoes. That’s when he noticed the raging fire. He saw a child was about to be thrown from the balcony where the fire was and he knew he had to catch the child. Blanks said it was all fast and a blur, and he had tunnel vision as he was running toward the child and he didn’t see anything but the toddler.

Phillip Blanks, 28, is a former Marine and a former football player so it’s no surprise his instincts kicked in and he knew exactly what to do in this situation. This dramatic video shows Blanks rushing in and diving to catch the toddler just before he nearly hit the ground. The 3-year-old that Blanks caught and an 8-year-old girl survived the fire but were hospitalized with injuries. Sadly, the children’s mother did not survive.

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