City of Temple contractors will be relocating a water line Thursday night, and that means water service will be cut off for a couple of streets for several hours.

the outage will affect those living on South 37th Street and South 39th Street between Avenue H and Avenue P. Work is scheduled to begin at 9 PM and last about eight hours.

City of Temple Interim Public Relations Manager Cody Weems said Thursday that the water line relocation is part of a larger, ongoing effort to upgrade the storm drainage system in the area. Crews with the Public Works Department will be replacing faulty valves, which should reduce the size of the outage area during future service shutdowns.

If I lived in either area, I'd plan on getting my shower in early, filling my filtered water pitcher, and giving my pets and plants water before 9 PM.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the City of Temple's Public Works Department at (254) 298-5478.

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