It's not often Fort Hood makes it into one of the national newspapers for something as seemingly ordinary as rolled up sleeves on a hot Texas day. But there they are in the Wall Street Journal, not only a picture of some of our brave soldiers but one of the Journal's signature etching depicting aforementioned bare arms within an article of the subject of rolled sleeves.

This is that big of a deal?!

Sure, the Army has a reason for everything. Regulations are regulations, every soldier knows that. Yet it is mentioned in the article that the other branches of the service have protocols for the wearing of sleeves rolled up during the sticky months. The proud Marines only just adopted such a standard in 2014.  It took them a while, but even they realize the obvious benefits.

It seems a brave soldier, Army Specialist Cortne Mitchell from Staten Island, NY took the opportunity during the Q&A session with visiting army brass to broach the subject of allowing rolled up sleeves. As Mitchell learned quickly, the climate in Texas is somewhat different then on the Atlantic coast back east.

No less than the Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Miley met with Mitchell and allowed a ten-day trial of rolled sleeves at Fort Hood. This trial ended today.

So now what?  The Journal says General Miley will evaluate the possibility of rolling out this new protocol throughout the entire United States Army. Some have proclaimed Mitchell a hero for simply having the guts to bring up the subject.

Stay tuned, soldiers. Relief may be on the way.

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