Maj. Nidal Hasan, the accused 2009 Fort Hood gunman, has rested his case without calling any witnesses.

Five minutes after proceedings began Wednesday morning, Judge Colonel Tara Osborn asked Hasan how he would like to proceed. Hasan responded, “The defense rests.”

Hasan indicated to Osborn on Tuesday that he did not intend to call any witnesses to the stand as he conducted his own legal defense. A list of potential witnesses he might have called included only two people, and some believed Hasan might take the stand himself. Attorney’s assisting his defense maintain their belief that Hasan is working to secure a death sentence. Hasan, who only questioned 3 of the prosecution’s 89 witnesses over the course of the trial, has openly admitted to carrying out the attack.

With Hasan’s rest of his defense, closing arguments are expected to begin very shortly.