Can a town be "pretty"?

That answer would be "Yes" if you're Architectural Digest. They ran an article that named the Prettiest town in each state.

I looked through a few of the states where I've hung my hat over the years. Some were obvious, others, not so much.

In Montana, they picked Big Sky. Really? Mountains and sky. Wow! Really went out on a limb on that. Pardon me while I answer the phone. I'm pretty sure it Architectural Digest calling me to tell me Big Sky is pretty.

"Hello. Is this No-S--t Sherlock? Yea. I thought so."

In Minnesota they picked Brainerd. For those of you who don't know, it was the main setting for the movie "Fargo". They tested the name Brainerd in their focus groups, and big shocker, they hated the name. That's why they changed it to Fargo. People are so stupid. Good looking city though.

They picked the tourist trap known as Medora in North Dakota. It is pretty, you know, since it sits on the edge of the Badlands. Lots of scenic views. It so pretty that people die there because they don't take the name seriously. Let's break it down...Bad-Lands. Focus on the first part and stay on the damn road and/or paths people.

But our focus, of course, is Texas. And the Lone Star State has the Hill Country. And in said hills you find Fredericksburg. It's littered with wineries, restaurants, B&Bs and lavender.

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