Texas’ longest-serving governor has a big announcement to make Monday.

Rick Perry, who took up the office after George W. Bush was elected President in 2000, could reveal plans to run for a fourth term in San Antonio. Perry has invited friends and supporters to a San Antonio Caterpillar equipment dealership – the largest in the nation – to announce “exciting future plans”. Given Perry’s current image as a job creator and overseer of a booming Texas economy, the location of this big announcement is highly symbolic and suggests that Perry plans to seek re-election.

Perry could also announce a planned run for the White House, though most feel this is unlikely given his unsuccessful 2012 run, which included a now infamous gaff during a Republican debate. If, however, Perry does decide to run for President, he will likely not run for a fourth gubernatorial term in order to focus on putting together a presidential campaign team and focus on the 2016 election.

If Perry runs for a fourth term as governor, he will face a GOP primary challenge from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.