Groesbeck High School Homecoming Queen Brooklyn Wilson passed away Thursday as a result of complications following a liver transplant in Forth Worth.

Julie Hays with our news partner, KWTX, reports that Wilson underwent surgery at Cook Children's Hospital in Forth Worth, where she'd spent much of her time in recent years. She survived the transplant, but passed away during a second surgical procedure after developing internal bleeding.

A funeral service for Wilson is scheduled for 10 AM Saturday at First Baptist Church in Groesbeck.

Wilson was crowned Homecoming Queen on October 13 during the Groesbeck Goats' game against Palestine Westwood. Brooklyn, who was born with Down syndrome, was often referred to as Groesbeck's number one fan. Despite her health issues, she was an avid participant in extra curricular-activities and showed a real love for her school and community.

Please join us in keeping Brooklyn, her family and friends, and the entire Groesbeck community in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of a wonderful young woman.

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