I'm just gonna say it - H-E-B easily ranks among the top reasons to love living in Texas.

I brag on it to my out-of-state and foreign friends all the time. Send a person from New Jersey or England a video of the inside of an H-E-B and they'll lose their minds.

Apparently the great shopping experience isn't the only thing that keeps people coming back. Working there seems to make people happy too, particularly veterans.

Jobs site Indeed recently ranked H-E-B #4 on its list of the 10 top-rated workplaces for veterans. Indeed cited feedback from a veteran who said the Texas grocery giant was the best placed they'd worked since retiring from the military, with great benefits, flexible schedules, competitive pay, and a friendly atmosphere.

This isn't the first time Indeed has showered praise on H-E-B. Last month, it ranked #1 on their 2019 list of top-rated retailers. It was the third year in a row that H-E-B topped the list.

If you live in Temple, chances are you know at least one person who works at the H-E-B Distribution Center. I have a friend (a Navy veteran) who drives a forklift there, and he loves his job. Sometimes the way he talks about it makes me wonder if I should ditch the headphones and put on an H-E-B hoodie.

Another friend works stocking shelves, and says he likes the people he works with and the atmosphere at the store.

H-E-B does a lot for veterans beyond employment as well. Their Operation Appreciation initiative has been gifting custom built, mortgage-free homes to severely injured veterans across Texas since 2013.

I don't mean for this article to read like an ad for H-E-B, but like I said, they're a big part of what makes living in Texas awesome. I won't apologize for bragging on them.

By the way, their annual Feast of Sharing events are coming up soon. For volunteer information, dates, and locations, tap the button below.

Image Courtesy of H-E-B
Image Courtesy of H-E-B

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