Back in April, we told you Hat Creek Burger Co. was looking to hang a sign in Temple. We'd never heard of the place, but it's apparently pretty popular in Austin and is looking to expand all over the Lone Star State.

Earlier today, our friend Rudy Calooy told us that signage had gone up at the site of the new burger joint at 6801 W. Adams Ave. That's not far from our studios, so we hopped in the car and got a few photos to show you how work is coming along.

We couldn't get too close because there were workers, well, working, and we didn't want to get in their way or be a safety hazard. Still, we got what will probably be one of the features families are probably going to enjoy most about the place - the playground.

This chain is reportedly famous for its rustic playgrounds, which is great when you think about it. Your kid's probably going to be hyped up about being at a burger place to begin with, and they'll probably be hopped up on sugar. Let them run that energy out after dinner while you relax. Hopefully they'll pass the heck out when you get home.

Anyway, have you ever tried Hat Creek Burger Co.? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


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