If you see the 18-wheeler in the video above rolling through the Central Texas area please call the McLennan County Sheriff's Office at (254) 757-5170.

Police are trying to figure out a few things right away:

  • Who owns the truck?
  • Who is driving it?
  • Who else may or may not be inside?

There is a sense of urgency as police suspect a possible human trafficking case is tied to this vehicle and the person driving it. Rissa Shaw with News 10 reports that deputies in McLennan County got a call last week from the Flying J Travel Center on South New Road. A victim had tried to call the National Human Trafficking hotline from that location.

The victim was a Canadian woman in her 50's who told deputies a truck driver had forced her to perform sexual acts at truck stops in multiple states. How awful!

Police want to find the truck in the photo below as they believe it may have been involved in this case.

McLennan County Sheriff's Office photo

News 10 says the woman who called the trafficking hotline is now in a safe place according to detective Joseph Scaramucci (McLennan County Sheriff's Office). It's pretty scary to think of the things that could be going on right under our nose any given day. It is so important to take a minute to look up, look around, and notice things going on around you.

We'll pass that phone number on again. Anyone who might recognize the white 18-wheeler with purple flames seen above should call the McLennan County Sheriff's Office at 254-757-5170 or call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 if you ever suspect human trafficking is taking place in our area.