As Grandpa Jones famously sang, T for Texas. But what else? Trump? Maybe.

I came upon a fascinating column from the New York Times and their Texas correspondant, Manny Fernandez. In it, he quotes several politicians as saying the president-elect's brusque style, most notably in the way he addresses and treats women.

Politics is a numbers game as many Americans are now finding out. Even though Trump gained more overall Texas votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012, Romney won a greater percentage of Texas voters. Hillary Clinton also did better than Barack Obama by a few percentage points in the Lone Star state.

Could the difference be Trump's brash sensibilities? I say yes. For one thing,  as much as Texans like to think of themselves as a unique breed, Texas is very much part of the south. Donald Trump is very much a New York Yankee. Simply, we don't talk about our women publicly.  While there is some debate as to whether or not his comments were intended to be public or not – I tend to think he didn't know he was being recorded – the truth is he's a very blunt guy and not in the friendly God bless your little heart kind of way.

There is another side of Texas which Donald Trump tapped into very effectively. Fernandez points out Trump was early the favorite among the more paranoid folks.  These are the people who feel our way of life is endangered,  whatever that means. living in Temple, I've quickly realize what it's like to live in a place where diversity is a way of life, and so is conservatism.

As we open a new chapter in American history, let us hope Texas remains not only a haven for freedom but an example of good manners and proper upbringing. God bless Texas.