The Wish app is a handy tool for finding deals, and lately it's been trying to save us all money on blow.

The ad above has reportedly been showing up on people's Facebook newsfeeds lately. While the graphic doesn't specify what the substance in the baggie is, it does show a straw included, so I think we can all make the Colombian connection here.

Ads like this are typically generated based on a user's shopping and browsing behavior, but might also be triggered by conversations your phone picks up on its mic, regardless of whether you're using a voice app or not. So, if you *ahem* crack a joke about cocaine or any other illicit substances (or body parts), it's possible to see weird stuff like this.

It's probably a joke, but if you're looking to get in good with your local cartel don or impress some Miami beach bimbos circa 1985, you can't beat $3 for a bag of snow white yeyo and a free straw!

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