The most fun you're gonna have in 2016 will be here on April 16th. The Insane Inflatable 5K puts the rest of the 5K races to shame. In case you don’t know, how it works is, we set up a 5K course. Then, instead of just letting you run, we set up inflatable obstacles throughout. Making the race challenging, but more important, insanely fun! It’s set up that kids of all ages can run it.

Take a look at the new obstacles for 2016.

Crash Course

You don’t need a helmet to go through this Crash Course, but that doesn’t mean it won’t test your physical ability! Dodge and push through hanging obstacles from start to finish, while making your way up and down the obstacle’s peaks and valleys.
Crash Course Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle


 The Slingshot catapults this 5K to the next level. Make your way up the hill, then slide down into this inflatable’s challenging depths only to be shot out the back end!
Slingshot Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle


Don’t be fooled – just because the Waverunner is flat doesn’t mean it’s easy! We dare you to run as fast as you can over these wavy speed bumps.
Waverunner Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle

The Mad House

 Climb, weave and maneuver your way through this intricate and challenging new inflatable. You won’t know what hit you, literally!
The Mad House Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle

The Humps

 These humps, these humps, these humps! You’ll be begging for mercy by the time you reach the third peak,. Once you’re over the hump, enjoy a breezy slide back down.
The Humps Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle

Mattress Run

 We’ve re-imagined this classic obstacle from our original course and taken it to a new level. Make one wrong step and you’ll be laying down laughing on this mattress! The Mattress Run challenges your balance and agility as you make your way across a huge mattress filled with ankle-loving holes.
Mattress Run Insane Inflatable 5K Obstacle

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