A new article out in the journal Science Magazine points to Texas as a potential hotbed of anti-vaccine attitudes.  As someone who had an early age was vaccinated for measles, polio, tetanus, you name it, I find this all very frightening.

An expert quoted in the article said one school he'd come into contact with in Austin put the exemption level of students at 40%. In other words two-out-of-five of the kids in that institution did not even have basic vaccinations against common sicknesses. Measles, stuff like that. What is going on?

Yes, I understand there is a "you're not the boss of me and you're not gonna tell me what to do" mentality in some parts of the world. This is the same paranoid outlook of which conspiracy peddlers love to take advantage. Playing in fear of the unknown. There are also those who are concerned about their kids having autism.

Still, most Texans don't fall for that alarmist junk. At 97.5%, the Lone Star State has one of the highest rates of childhood vaccination in the known world according to the same article. Of that, there should be a whole lot of pride.

Realize if your kid gets sick they're going to have a whole lotta problems.  Ask your child's physician what they think and then do your own research.