An unidentified diplomatic source has reported that Israeli air force jets attacked a target on the Syria-Lebanon border Wednesday night. The attack followed reports of a large deployment of Israeli planes in Lebanon.

The Lebanese army reported earlier Wednesday that several squads of Israeli jets were seen violating Lebanese airspace. Witnesses say four warplanes flew over the southernmost coastal town of Naqoura and hovered for several hours over southern Lebanon before leaving Lebanese airspace.

The strike is said to have been directed at a weapons convoy traveling along the Syria-Lebanon border. The Israel Defense Forces are refusing to comment on the reports, but the past week has seen an increase in the number of IAF planes sighted over Lebanon in close proximity to Syria. A dozen IAF jet missions have so far been reported by the Lebanese military.

Israel has voiced concerns that Syrian chemical weapons and anti-aircraft missiles could fall into the hands of Hezobllah militants in Lebanon. Israel has threatened to launch a preemptive strike on Syria should the Assad regime lose control of its chemical weapons stockpiles.