UPDATE: The Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center reports that the hijacker's family was located and he's now back home safe.

Kilgore Police Department, Facebook
Kilgore Police Department, Facebook

A hungry dog in Kilgore, Texas took a bite out of an officer's pride this past weekend. Thankfully, no physical injuries were reported.

Kilgore Police Chief Todd Hunter shared the story on the department's Facebook page Saturday night. Because the city doesn't have 24/7 animal control service, a Kilgore PD officer was dispatched to a call about a dog running loose. When he arrived at the scene, the officer figured he could lure the dog into the backseat of his cruiser, which is basically a cage.

It was a good plan, but the officer made one big mistake - he left the driver's side door open.

I don't know about you, but every time I take my dog for a car ride, she immediately runs for the driver's door. I've never let her sit in the front seat because A) I know she'll get over-excited and jump into my lap at some point to look out of my window, causing us to crash and die, and B) she can run around in the backseat all she likes and stick her head out of the window.

My point is that most dogs just can't resist an open driver's side door.

That was certainly the case here. The dog jumped into the comfy, air-conditioned cruiser and helped itself to the officer's beef jerky. When the officer tried to get the dog out, it gave him the "just try it, buddy" look and the officer just closed the door and called for help.

Good move.

Chief Hunter found out about the situation after hearing funny radio traffic about a dog hijacking one of his department's vehicles. When the officer at the scene texted a picture of the situation to him, Chief Hunter replied, "He doesn't look happy", to which the officer replied, He ain't, and neither am I."

Animal Control was soon able to safely remove the dog from the car, but this picture is forever.

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