The Exchange Club in Killeen has honored Miranda Wooten and Patrick Bergman with the 2016 Police Officer and Firefighter of the year awards. 

Officer Wooten is an Army veteran who's compassion for the residents of Killeen is clearly shown through her actions in the line of duty. During a wellness check on an elderly woman, Wooten discovered an 87-year-old woman living with no food or water in unhealthy conditions. Medical services got called to the scene and while Wooten and the resident waited for the ambulance, Wooten and another officer bathed the woman to prepare her for the hospital. Once the elderly woman was taken to the hospital, Officer Wooten and her partner returned to the residence to mow the lawn and stock the pantry with food. Wooten made headlines again when she saved a mans life who had been reported as trying to commit suicide in an area hotel.

Firefighter Pat Bergman is also no stranger to going the extra mile. He routinely fixes the departments fire trucks himself when repairs are needed. He's an 11-year veteran of the fire department and coordinated an effort that helped feed over 30 homeless people in our community. Bergman is also a cancer survivor. He underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor this past march. He is also a certified emergency medical technician in addition to being a firefighter.

We are lucky to have these selfless individuals looking out for the people of Killeen and for so many more just like them who work along side for Central Texas. Congratulations to both these great individuals!

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