Local, federal, and Army investigators are at the scene of an apparent suicide by a suspect wanted in connection to a criminal case at Fort Hood.

Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez reports that officers with KPD and US Marshals were assisting the Fort Hood Criminal Investigation Division in one of their criminal cases when, at approximately 1:29 AM, they located a suspect in the 4700  block of East Rancier Avenue.

As officers approached the suspect, Miramontez reports, the man drew a weapon and fatally shot himself.

Police have not released further information, and have not released the suspect's name.

There's been speculation on social media that the suspect was linked to the disappearance of Pfc Vanessa Guillen, as partial human remains were found near the Leon River Tuesday during a follow-up search for her.

Police have not positively identified those remains, and Brandon Hamilton with our partners a News 10 reports that police have not said if this morning's incident is related.

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