Making sure our kids are safe is definitely something that is very near and dear to me, especially because I am a parent myself.

I believe that when it comes to a point that you have to worry about how safe your child is in school, that’s when alarms bells start ringing and it's time to push for something to be done.

Killeen ISD is Taking a Stand for Safety

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news out of Killeen lately, there have been stabbings, assaults (16 total), and even guns and ammo brought to campuses. Officials at Ellison High school even reported that a bathroom was literally set on fire during the very first week of school.

Officials are completely fed up and have a plan. KCEN-TV's Andrew Moore reports that KISD is taking the step of bringing additional law enforcement in to bolster security.

Will the Police Presence Help?

Truth be told, I’m not exactly sure how comfortable I am as a parent knowing that my child will be going to school and have to surrounded by police officers just to make sure our they are safe.

I think the real question I and most parents want an answer to is when is enough enough? Our recent poll found that 70% of parents are deeply concerned about Killeen ISD safety after recent incidents.

I feel so sorry for the educators and staff who will have to deal with the fact that dangerous things are happening inside the schools and no one seems has any real answers or solutions. KCEN reports that assaults aren't statistically much higher than usual, but they shouldn't be happening at all.

Talk To Your Kids

Of course, there are things that can be done at home too.

In times like this, I can only hope that parents are willing to have the serious and perhaps even uncomfortable conversations with their children necessary for them to understand how serious the situation is and how vulnerable their safety and lives are.

Talk to your kids. Level with them. It could go a long way toward helping this situation.

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