I've heard of excuses people make when they have been caught doing something wrong but in this case, this Killeen man is blaming his victim for the heinous crime he committed.


What Happened?

According to KWTX, an arrest affidavit says a Killeen man named Gilberto Diaz-Navarrete, allegedly admitted to investigators, that he touched a girl inappropriately because she kept "coming on to him and turning him on" 

Reportedly, the investigation found that Diaz-Navarette raped a young girl on more than one occasion after she told officials at the Bell County Child Advocacy Center.

What The Young Girl Says Occured

According to the arrest affidavit, Child Protective Services is aware of what the girl told officials.

The victim says that Diaz-Navarette would pay her for the right to bathe her and would touch her inappropriately while in the bath and in her bedroom. She also said that he allegedly hit her over the head with a cutting board and slapped her in the face.

Where Are The Parents Of The Young Girl?

Investigators in the arrest affidavit said the young girl's mother was abused by Diaz-Naverette as well. He allegedly threatened to kill the woman with a gun on several occasions.

Victim Blaming?

The affidavit reveals that Diaz-Naverette allegedly admitted to sexually assaulting the girl and stated that “she would not stop coming on to him and turning him on” while in jail on another charge. The affidavit states that Navarette said he "never penetrated the victim’s sexual organs" but did admit to touching her inappropriately.


This whole story is sickening from being paid to being bathed to blaming the young girl for turning him on. I think there is more to this story.


Mr. Diaz- Navarette is now being held on a $210,000 bond at Bell County Jail.



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