The City of Lott and their water department issued a boil water notice on Wednesday morning. According to Reed Watson and our news partner, KWTX, the City of Lott released a statement saying, "Due to a waterline breakage/rupture, we are notifying all Lott water customers to BOIL THEIR WATER PRIOR TO HUMAN CONSUMPTION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE."

The boil notice has taken place to ensure that the bacteria that has contaminated the water is killed before use. All water in the city limits of Lott that is being used for drinking, cooking, and ice making needs to be boiled.

The water needs to be brought to a very active boil, and continue to let it boil for two minutes after it reaches that boiling point. Officals told KWTX, that the leak has been repaired, and the systems are getting back up to speed. The boil water notice should be lifted by Thursday afternoon.

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