FreeWater is the world’s first free beverage company located in Austin, Texas.

This company is all about sustainability and ensuring that everyone has access to clean drinking water. They do so by providing free water in non-plastic containers for free. How are they able to provide the water for free? They use the label on their bottles as ad space.

Think of it like YouTube, or streaming platforms like Spotify and Hulu that provide a free option. What is included with free access to these outlets? Advertisements.

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Not only does this allow FreeWater to give out their product at no cost to the consumer. They also give 10 cents from every beverage to charities that help build water wells for people in need. They also claim that if 10% of the United States' population chose FreeWater, meaning that 10% receives three bottles of water per day, that the 10 cents per drink will provide enough money to build water wells for 800 million people.

You can visit for more information. Including how you can get involved with them as a business. Their strategy is to connect the advertising on their packaging with digital media through QR codes. This allows businesses to hand out water with their advertising on it and see an increase in profit.

I think this is a great idea that not only helps businesses advertise in a unique way, but it also helps people in need through their donations. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to stay up to date and support a local Texas company.

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