A Lowe's store in Abilene, Texas has two new employees and it's warming hearts all over the Internet. The home improvement chain has a Veteran and a service dog as the locations newest employees.

Clay Luthy is a former C-130 loadmaster in the U.S. Airforce. His 10-year-old golden retriever Charlotte helps Luthy if he happens to fall. Due to 5 surgeries on his knee, Luthy is unable to bend his left knee at all. That's where Charlotte comes in. Luthy took ownership of Charlotte as a puppy and over the years the golden retriever started to actually anticipate when Clay might need help getting up.

One week ago, a photo of Luthy and Charlotte was posted on the Abilene Lowes social media page by a customer and has over 136,000 likes.

Thanks to Lowes for hiring this special team, and thanks to Charlotte for being such a special dog to be there for Clay in a way no one else is able to be. Gotta love those life long pets and all they do for us.