One thing for certain about Killeen, Texas - it sometimes lacks in the cowboy-friendly department. (And I am not talking about the football team.) But a new place looking to open up soon could change all that.

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Courtesy of Herbert Sims
Courtesy of Herbert Sims



I’m not saying their aren't cowboys in Killeen, but aside from a couple of bars, there aren't many places geared toward their interests here. Now that Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply is coming, I think we will see that change a little.

The old Gander Mountain building had been closed for about a year now (having been occupied by a few different businesses over the years), and we weren’t exactly sure what they were going to place there next.

(My first instinct was a David & Buster's, but I guess I’ll have to continue to hold on to that dream.)

Courtesy of Herbert Sims
Courtesy of Herbert Sims


Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply is the perfect place to go if you are planning on camping, working on ranches, or pretty much anything to do with the outdoors, or if you need outdoor apparel.

This fantastic company has been around for 25 years, but many Texans might not be familiar with them. They're mostly located in Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, Montana, and now Texas.

I think that this company coming to Central Texas will definitely be a benefit for all of our outdoorsy-type families including my own. We are people who love to camp, and I also love to be outdoors as much as possible. So let's welcome Murdoch's Ranch & Supply with open arms.

(But I still want Dave & Buster’s to come to Killeen, so my fingers remain crossed!)

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